Honey is a thick golden liquid that bees make from the nectar of flowering plants. The bees produce the honey through a process of collecting nectar and then regurgitating the nectar. Then water evaporates from the nectar to produce the material we consume and know as honey.

Lotus bee Honey is produced from remote locations in the Volta Region where hives are surrounded by miles of natural, lush greenery and wildflowers which allows the bees to forage on an endless and uncontaminated supply of nectar and pollen so we can create the purest


100% Honey


Honey is as old as written history, dating back to 2100 B.C. where it was mentioned in Sumerian and Babylonian cuneiform writings, the Hittite code, and the sacred writings of India and Egypt. Its name comes from old English hunig, and it was the first and most widespread sweetener used by man

Smoked Catfish (Dried)

Discover the rich, smoky flavor of our Freshly Smoked Catfish! Sourced from pristine waters and smoked to perfection, it’s a gourmet delight. Pure, versatile, and healthy. Elevate your meals with ease.